I can't thank Sirrell enough for helping me feel beautiful again. I reached out to Sirrell when I had lost all hope and felt like I have tried everything to clear my acne. I knew I needed help because I couldn't look at my acne and be happy. I knew there was something wrong and just couldn't figure it out. I contacted Sirrell and we got started. I made the commitment to listen to Sirrell and follow all her rules and guidance exactly as she told me to. I had lots of hope for it to work and a few months later I found myself crying tears of extreme joy in her studio because I couldn't believe the person in the after photo was me:) my painful cystic acne was gone, no more oily skin, and the best part of all I don't feel the need to wear makeup anymore. I'm in love with my natural face and smooth skin. I don't ever want to stop seeing Sirrell, and I'm still working with her to continue clearing my scars. Trust her, she knows what she is doing and most importantly she cares about you. I feel cared for genuinely with every visit. Thank you Sirrell.
Cristina A.
I was in a state of complete desperation when I met Sirrell. I had tried so many things for my awful hormonal/cystic acne that just sprung up about a year before. I teach hot yoga multiple hours every day and my face was in intense pain all of the time. I couldn't just go to work, I had to feel the acne getting worse/irritated/red/inflamed/even exploding during classes. I was in tears over the pain and appearance of my acne every single day.

Believe me when I say if Sirrell could help me, she can definitely help people who don't sweat literally all day long as part of their job . All I wanted for Christmas was my face back, and Sirrell's acne program is the ONLY thing that helped me get that. I still am working to balance my hormones internally, but I am so thankful everyday that I can now do my job without worrying about exploding pimples, or feeling pain all over my face.

If you want someone to take the stress out of dealing with acne, go to Sirrell. Have a consultation and she will immediately make you feel taken care of. I always look forward to our facials, and the products are affordable, feel good, and most importantly they actually work (unlike the hundreds of products I tried before finding her).
Krista R.
I just had the first and amazing experienced getting a Brazilian wax. Sirrel is the sweetest person I have ever meet and she makes you feel so comfortable, very pleasant and takes her time. My wax was pain free :)) she is awesome and I will go back for more....I definitely recommend her to anyone you won't be disappointed.
Linda O.
I reached out to Sirrell about some issues I was experiencing after our facial. She immediately responded with a phone call, and even offered for me to come back to personally so she could better assess what was going on in person. I opted to wait another 24 hours to see how it was the following day. Luckily, things improved enough where I didn't need to go in, but we chatted over the phone and figured out which product may have been too much for my sensitive skin. Sirrell always follows up, and will make sure you are taken care of and satisfied which any procedure you chose to do. Before, during, and after she has you covered. Thanks Sirrell!
Rachel L
Sirrell was so pleasant from the moment I spoke to her over the phone. Then when I met her in person I instantly felt welcomed and comfortable. I had a facial and added her new LED acne face treatment and my face looked Amazing after one treatment! All the redness was gone and I felt like my skin was able to breathe!! Looking forward to coming back for a follow up acne treatment. Oh and the massage she gave was great.
Michelle A
Sirrell was amazing! She was sweet and she knew what she was doing. She truly made my skin radiant! I'm excited to go back again!
Allegra B.

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